Police, Municipalities & Insurance Companies

Vin Etching Event for your Community!

Insta Etch has numerous hardware options for your customized VIN etching programs. Insurance companies and police municipalities have many low-cost alternatives to lower your car theft loss ratios with a high resolution, visible anti theft deterrent marking program. The entry level Insta Etch 1500 system utilizes a high resolution, handheld etching stencil printer and easy to use glass etching supplies to rapidly implement your vin etching project. This system features a battery powered handheld stencil printer with an integrated keyboard to print a 17 digit vin up to ¼” high (6 mm high) with a single common font size. The etch 1500 kit ships complete with enough stencil material and marking gel applicators for up to 80 marks (13 cars) and more supplies can be reordered for less than $0.35 per etch. Our best selling Insta Etch 1650 system is based on this same wireless high resolution technology and features a rechargeable stencil printer capable of producing 3 lines of text or a single vin ½” high (12 mm) in numerous font styles and options. This system has the added capability to print logos for added brand recognition. The etch 1650 series ships complete with enough marking materials to etch 20 vehicles with resupplies costing less than $0.59 per etch.

High Volume Handheld System for Lower Costs per Etch!

The premium resolution Insta Etch 2000 series utilizes our wireless Bluetooth stencil design application paired to our handheld 4” wide printer to produce multiple custom stencils from the palm of your hand. Cutting-edge features include vin barcode scanning, vin decode verification, advanced reporting and saved layouts to make your vin etching program simple and efficient. With virtually zero training and minimal device setup, the etch 2000 system can be rapidly implemented for any community etching event. This system can etch multiple lines of customizable text with logo option at most any size in a 4” (96mm wide) X 2” (48mm High) format and ships complete with enough etching material to mark 325+ vehicles (over 2000 marks) making this kit the lowest cost per mark system. Reordering vin etching supplies for the etch 2000 when needed reduces the cost per etch to less than $0.20.

Lowest Cost per mark
Volume 2000 series

Bulk etching stencils and etching cream!

Our simple patented vin etching process results in a highly legible window etching. An Insta Etch permanent window etching leaves a traceable vin or serial # onto any car glass and benefits vehicle owners with passive anti-theft car protection. With our glass etching equipment and patented process, your insurance company or police department can increase your customer / community resident good sentiment and drastically reduce theft rates and loss ratios! Finally, etch glass with speed and ease with mobile Insta vin etch systems.